The TBDC Incentives page connects entrepreneurs to tax credits and a number of other programs and resources that are of value to business owners.  Benefits include opportunities to save money and financial assistance for small businesses, among other monetary gains.



  • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Tax Credit – part of Research and Development Tax Credit – The SBIR Tax Credit is included as part of the Research and Development Tax Credit which encourages the development and growth of Research & Development activities within the state.
  • Research and Development Tax Credit (and SBIR) – The R & D Tax Credit encourages Louisiana businesses to establish and sustain research and development activities within the state.
  • Phase Zero ProgramThe Phase Zero Program provides funds to help with activities that improve the quality of SBIR/STTR applications being submitted by Louisiana’s small businesses.
  • Digital Interactive Media Producer Credit – The Digital Interactive Media Producer Credit promotes private investment in digital interactive media developed in Louisiana in order to foster growth of this industry in Louisiana.
  • Technology Commercialization Tax Credit and Jobs Program – The Technology Commercialization Tax Credit and Jobs Program encourages investment in the commercialization costs of technology developed by Louisiana colleges, technical schools and universities as well as the creation of technology-related jobs.
  • Angel Investor Tax Credit – The Angel Investor Tax Credit rewards qualified individuals for investing in early stage Louisiana businesses that demonstrate potential for high growth
  • I-20 Corridor Regional Business Accelerator Program– The TBDC in collaboration with other partners in north Louisiana initiated the Regional Business Acceleration program. Individuals selected for the program receive intensive training, mentoring, and consulting from experienced professionals.  Accelerator participants are guided through the process of developing a funding proposal and presenting their plan to appropriate investors.