Existing Businesses

The Existing Businesses page displays resources that are most advantageous to up-and-running establishments. Each resource may help optimize strategic management and business growth.

  • Bizstats.com provides useful business statistics for different industries.
  • Business Week  contains a helpful magazine archive.
  • CCH Business Owner’s Tool Kit offers information and tools to help you start, run, and grow a successful small business.
  • Choosing a Form of Organization  discusses the advantages and disadvantages of different legal structures.
  • People Who Work For You is a human resource advisory that helps employers deal effectively with all facets of human resources administration.
  • Government Financing Programs lists detailed information about various Small Business Administration loans.
  • Fast Trac  is a comprehensive entrepreneurship-educational program that provides entrepreneurs with business insights, leadership skills, and professional networking connections.
  • Inc.com identifies products, services, and online tools for virtually every business or management task.
  • Mind Tools  presents personal, professional, and career skills for business improvement.
  • Entrepreneurship is a  site that provides original articles, written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, and collects internet content on the internet related to starting and running high-impact companies.