What is the ONE?

  • The Online Network for Entrepreneurs (ONE) is a free online database that contains information about the services and organizations available to support business development and growth in north Louisiana.  Network partners offer information about their organization in the database.  This allows them to increase visibility and receive appropriate inquiries about their organization.  Most economic development organizations, public agencies, governmental offices, industry councils, chambers of commerce, and others providing service or assistance to businesses are network partners. Information about state and local government permitting and licensing is also included in the ONE.

Who Uses the ONE?

  • The network includes information for business startups, new ventures, growing firms, mature operations, troubled businesses, and businesses preparing for exit.  Levels of service range from assistance to micro-enterprises to technologically advanced ventures.
  • Network users begin by answering a few questions about their business.  The database is searched by the type of assistance needed, location, and other factors related to the business.  Database filtering produces a list containing only the organizations that meet the needs requested by the business.

Why Search the ONE?

  • The ONE summarizes varied business services provided by organizations that support and assist with business development and growth.
  • Business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and network partners use the online database to identify and connect with the organizations providing the services they need.
  • The ONE provides information needed to plan and manage business operations effectively.
  • Network partners can update the database with current and complete information at any time.
  • The ONE is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that information is readily available to individuals, businesses, and the network partners.
  • Database filtering technology directs network users to the most appropriate resources.
  • The ONE improves knowledge about the support system that exists for entrepreneurs and businesses in north Louisiana.

Connect to the Online Network for Entrepreneurs

Learn How to Become a Network Partner

  • For more information, contact the Resource Network Coordinator at resourcenavigator@latech.edu or (318) 257-4343 or the TBDC Director at tbdc@latech.edu or (318) 257-3537.  The ONE is administered by the Louisiana Tech University Technology Business Development Center (TBDC).