I-20 Corridor Regional Business Accelerator Program

The Regional Business Acceleration program being initiated by Louisiana Tech University and Winrock International, in collaboration with partners throughout north Louisiana, is focused on providing services and support to facilitate rapid growth for business enterprises demonstrating strong potential for the creation of good quality jobs and the attraction of revenue from outside the region. This initiative is designed specifically for encouraging business activities suited to operation in small, rural northern LA communities with an emphasis on developing opportunities in targeted industry clusters which include: information technology and telecommunications, alternative energy and green construction, and biosciences.

Both aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses can benefit from Accelerator services and either may apply to participate in the Accelerator program. Individuals selected for the program will receive intensive training, mentoring, and consulting from experienced professionals. Accelerator participants will be guided through the process of developing a funding proposal and presenting their plan to appropriate investors. Eligible businesses will compete for prize packages to support the launch of their enterprises and they will receive continuing support throughout their initial year of operation.

Accelerator Application

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Regional Business Accelerator Application Fillable Form in Adobe

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Information for Accelerator Application

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