FYI: Find Your Idea November workshops

FYI: Find Your Idea

A workshop to help businesses with strong growth potential turn their ideas into action!

Attendees had the opportunity to:

  • Generate Ideas for New Business Opportunities
  • Hear About Successful Examples
  • Apply Techniques that Help Prioritize Among Multiple Options and Assess Feasibility
  • Qualify for Additional Counseling and Assistance
  • Learn About an Intensive Business Acceleration Program

This workshop allowed attendees to explore ideas for new business opportunities that have high growth potential and the ability to succeed in rural communities.  Attendees received information, participated in hands-on activities, and obtained useful tools that can help create and prioritize business ideas for both new ventures and existing businesses.

This introductory program gave additional skills that can support the development and growth of a business venture and introduced participants to valuable resources that can assist with establishing a new product line, service or business enterprise.

Attending this workshop improved particpants’ likelihood of qualifying for a business acceleration program that provides business mentoring, management training, and professional consulting services which can strengthen an existing business or startup endeavor.  Participants in the workshop also received the first choice of appointment times for additional meetings with business counselors who can advise them on planning and preparing for your proposed venture.

Workshops were held in Arcadia, Bastrop, Bernice, Springhill, Farmerville, and Delhi during the month of November.


I-20 Corridor Regional Business Accelerator Program

‘Find Your Idea’ PowerPoint Presentation


Resources and Tools

links to information focused on creating and evaluating ideas for new business opportunities


Assessing Entrepreneurial Aptitude – What’s Your Entrepreneurial I.Q.?

Small Business Administration – Is Entrepreneurship For You?


Generating Ideas – Business Ideas

Steven Johnson: Where Good Ideas Come From

Trendwatching – global scan of consumer trends, insights and related business ideas

Springwise – database of new business ideas

GoVenture.NETwork – Business Tools

The Innovative Brain: A New and Improved Newsletter

Catalyzing Innovation: 188 strategies to powerfully bring innovation to the organization NOW!

The Secret of Innovation: The Best Ideas are Small

Discovering the Best Business Ideas

How I Use Visualization to Drive Creativity

2011 Trends: This Way Up


Evaluating Business Ideas

SBA – 20 Questions before Starting a Business

Evaluating Your New Small Business Idea

Evaluating Your Business Idea


Additional information for Entrepreneurs

TBDC: Business Guides -Basic Business Startup Procedures

Running Lean Business Model Canvas

VC Experts


Google Alerts

Google Trends (Hot Searches USA)



Famous failures and comebacks