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Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi Continuing Professional Education Seminar

December 4, 2009

Louisiana Tech University Institute of Micro-manufacturing

Ruston, LA

Business professionals and professors from Louisiana Tech University’s College of Business spoke on current topics in the business and accounting world. The seminar serves local CPAs in an effort to keep them current with the latest trends, innovations, and incentives available. One can earn up to eight hours of CPE credit by attending this workshop.

The Technology Business Development Center presented the following information at this seminar.

Resources and Incentives for Emerging Businesses and High Growth Companies

Presented by: Kathy Wyatt

Supplied information on resources and incentives available  for small businesses. Resources such as the Technology Business Development Center of Louisiana Tech (TBDC), Center for Entrepreneurship and Information Technology (CEnIT) of Louisiana Tech, along with incentives like the state’s Phase Zero program and Small and Emerging Business Development (SEBD) programs were highlighted during the presentation.

Link to BAP Presentation click here

Profit 101: Learning Simulation

Profit 101: Learning Simulation

November 17, 2009

Louisiana Tech Enterprise Center

Ruston, LA

Presented by: Dave Thomas, Manufacturing Partnership of Louisiana (MEPoL)

The Profit 101 program developed by Eureka! Ranch International is based on Doug Hall’s Jump Start Your Business and Jump Start Your Marketing Brain. Workshop participants learned  profitability principles by applying these skills as employees of a fictional company. The goal of the workshop was to teach a reliable system for accelerating profit growth. In order to achieve that goal, participants used a mock product and business and had to figure out ways to promote the product. Using the principles and ideas from Eureka Ranch!, new ways of promoting the product and thinking about the product were developed in an attempt to increase sales. Participants developed marketing strategies and new innovations that may rise from this product. The program pushed those involved to think outside the box and search for a uniqueness in the product. The strategies and tips learned are readily applicable to a wide variety of products or services.

Other Resources

Eureka Ranch Website

Profit 101

Basic Business Boot Camp

Basic Business Boot Camp

November 7, 2009

Louisiana Tech University

College of Business

Ruston, LA

Local business people and professors from Louisiana Tech’s College of Business spent the day giving  entrepreneurs advice and information about starting a business. Attendees learned about the basics of entrepreneurship, market analysis, financial planning, and they got to hear from a panel of local entrepreneurs. The camp provided an introduction to business planning. The camp also aimed to offer valuable insight and information for those who will be competing in the Top Dawg Business Plan Competition in Winter 2010.

Topics Discussed

  • Determining if Entrepreneurship is for You

Presented by: Kathy Wyatt

Ms. Wyatt provided a better understanding of the entrepreneurial lifestyle, so one might be able to discern if this is an appropriate career choice for them.

To download the presentation, click here

  • Defining the Opportunity

Presented by:  Doug Amyx

Mr. Amyx presented an understanding of the significant and complex factors affecting the sales potential of the participant’s product or service.

To download the presentation click here

  • Bringing the Right People on Board

Presented by:  Marcia Simmering Dickerson

Ms. Dickerson offered a better understanding of important considerations in building a team for initial management and operations of the business.

To download  the presentation click here.

  • Calculating the Financial Needs

Presented by: Carol Shaver

An understanding of basic budgeting tools and financial calculations was explained.

  • Choosing an Ownership Structure

Presented by:  Ryan Madden and Radian Hennigan

The presentation introduced a variety of factors influencing choice of legal business entity.

  • Learning from Experienced Entrepreneurs

Paneled by:  Jonah Ukpai, Whitney Ukpai, and Victoria Provenza

The panel offered valuable insights into preparing for business ownership.


FastTrac Tech Venture
The Planning Shop: What Business Should I Start
The Planning Shop: Business Plan in a Day
The Young Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Starting and Running a Business
New Ground Publications: A Step-by-Step Business Plan Workbook
New Ground Publications: A Simple Guide to Your Small Business Marketing Plan
New Ground Publications: A Simple Guide to Your Company’s Financial Statements

Incentive to Innovate

Incentive to Innovate

October 28, 2009

Louisiana Tech University Technology Transfer Center

Shreveport, LA

Representatives from Louisiana Economic Development (LED) provided a detailed overview of innovation incentives for small and emerging businesses.  Available benefits, eligibility requirements, and application procedures for these incentives were among some of the topics discussed.  This meeting was directed towards science industries, angel investors, venture capitalists, and innovative small businesses.

Topics Covered

  • Digital Interactive Media

Presented by: Yosef Javed, Business Development Officer

A dynamic presentation explaining the Louisiana Digital Media Act. Javed offered a clear definition of digital media and also outlined what is not digital media. He then details the incentives allotted by the Act, how they work, and how they can be used by the business. Digital Interactive Media Producer tax credits provide a 35% state tax credit on payroll for Louisiana residents hired. The Act also allows a 25% state credit for development expenses incurred within Louisiana, such as component parts, production expenses, and payroll for employees not living within Louisiana.

To download the presentation click here.

  • Angel Investor Tax Credit

Presented by Craig F. Hartberg, Small Business Advisor

The presentation provided a description of what the Angel Investor Tax Credit is, the requirements for participation, and the benefits that come from the program. (Important Update: Angel Investor tax credits are not currently available. This incentive sunset on December 31, 2009.)

To download the presentation click here.

  • Research and Development Tax Credits and  Technology Commercialization Credit and Jobs Program

Presented by: Susan Bigner, Business Development Officer II

The presentation described both the Research and Development Tax Credit Program and the Technology Commercialization Credit and Jobs Program. The requirements, application process, and benefits were defined for both programs. Also resources were given for anyone having more questions specific to their business. Refundable state tax credits ranging from 8% to 40% are available for qualified research expenditures such as wages, supplies, use of computers, and contract services incurred within Louisiana. SBIR/STTR award recipients may receive a refundable state tax credit equal to 40% of the SBIR/STTR grant received. A refundable state tax credit for 40% of up to $250,000 in expenditures on machinery, equipment, and rights to use or use of technology may be received.

To download the presentation click here.

Other Resources

Louisiana Economic Development – Incentives and Programs:

Angel Investor Tax Credit Information

Finding Your Idea

Finding Your Idea Workshop (FYI)

October 8. 2009

Louisiana Tech University

Enterprise Center

Ruston, LA

The workshop featured presentations by the TBDC Director, Kathy Wyatt, and Dr. Jon Pratt, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship. Attendees learned what is expected in proper presentations and the questions that need to be answered during the development of their ideas. As their ideas are still in the early stages, many participants will grow their ideas and pitch them in the TOP DAWG Idea Pitch.

Topics Covered

  • Finding Your Idea (FYI)

Presented by Kathy Wyatt

She provided steps for the process of idea generation along with criteria to evaluate each step.

To download the presentation click here

  • Preparing the Pitch

Presented by Dr. Jon Pratt

The presentation gave an idea pitch outline, advice to dress up the pitch, and come pitfalls that may occur.

To download the presentation click here

Wyatt FYI Pratt FYI


SBIR/STTR Workshop

September 29, 2009

Louisiana Tech University Technology Transfer Center

Shreveport, LA

Former SBIR/STTR program manager, Dr. Robert Berger offered advice on how to develop successful SBIR/STTR proposals and improve chances of securing these funds. The event also allowed the opportunity for participants to network with other innovative organizations and individuals throughout the region.

Topics Covered

  • How to Prepare Winning Proposals for SBIR and STTR

Presented by: Dr. Robert Berger
Former U.S. Department of Energy SBIR/STTR Program Manager

The presentation provided an overview of the SBIR Program and the proposal audience. More importantly, he outlined the process for developing a proposal and also common pitfalls in preparation.  The SBIR and STTR Programs offer up to $100,000 in Phase 1 and up to $750,000 in Phase 2.

  • Phase Zero

Presented by: Roy Keller

Mr. Keller offered valuable information about the money available through the state’s Phase Zero program. Phase Zero serves to stimulate interest and participation from Louisiana businesses in the SBIR and STTR programs. The program offers grant rewards up to $2500 in Part 1 and up to another $2500 in Part 2 to businesses who submit applications and receive approval. Keller showed some examples of businesses utilizing those funds and people to contact for any questions.

To download Roy Keller’s PowerPoint click here

Other Resources

Phase Zero site