TBDC Services

The TBDC provides services to connect entrepreneurs with the information, assistance, and resources needed to start and pursue development of their innovative business. Services include those listed below.

  • Management Consulting: The TBDC provides confidential one-on-one management consulting by appointment on basic business topics from pre-venture to exit stage.  Business issues that can be discussed are business and strategic planning, financial planning and management, market research and analysis, technology commercialization, and basic intellectual property information.
  • Information and Referral Assistance: The TBDC provides access to statistics, demographics and industrial data, sources of funding and financing, resources, incentive programs, and Louisiana Tech University resources.  The Online Network for Entrepreneurs (ONE) is a free online database that contains referral information about the services and organizations available to support business development and growth in north Louisiana.
  • Educational Opportunities: The TBDC conducts new venture feasibility and technology business development seminars, informational programs on SBIR/STTR, roundtable discussions, idea generation workshops and other current business topics.
  • Small  and Emerging Business Development: The TBDC serves as an intermediary for the Small and Emerging Business Development (SEBD) program for Louisiana Economic Development (LED).  The SEBD program can provide limited financial assistance to eligible Louisiana small businesses for developmental assistance, including marketing, accounting, business planning, and legal or industry-specific assistance.
  • I-20 Corridor Regional Business Accelerator Program: The TBDC in collaboration with other partners in north Louisiana is initiating the Regional Business Acceleration program. Individuals selected for the program will receive intensive training, mentoring, and consulting from experienced professionals.  Accelerator participants will be guided through the process of developing a funding proposal and presenting their plan to appropriate investors.