The Louisiana Tech University Technology Business Development Center (TBDC) supports and facilitates the establishment, growth, and success of technology-based businesses in northern Louisiana.  The Center supports these businesses by providing  information, counseling services, and educational opportunities for nascent entrepreneurs, emerging business ventures, and existing technology-oriented businesses.  Assistance and support available through the TBDC is specifically tailored to meet the needs of entrepreneurs who are investigating and pursuing business enterprises, based on useful new technologies or unique applications of technology with the potential to create high quality employment opportunities in Louisiana.


TBDC services are focused on identifying, gathering, and organizing information necessary to plan, start, and grow a technology business.  Basic information and referral services connect entrepreneurs with the agencies, programs, and resources needed to begin and pursue development of their businesses.  This data is integrated into an interactive resource and referral network system that is included on this website, which provides information on funding opportunities, conferences, assistance programs, news articles, reports, updates, and other resources of vital importance to new and growing businesses. Some of the information provided includes:

  • Identification and Development of Entrepreneurial Infrastructure
  • Advocacy and Awareness for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Encouragement of Entrepreneurial Exploration and Investigation
  • Pre-venture Assistance
  • Support for Starting, Growing, and Mature Businesses


Businesses that have high growth potential and a business model based on innovative products or processes to generate their competitive advantage are the primary clients of the TBDC.  The Center serves clients based on two factors: (1) geographic location (or prospective location) and (2) business type.

Geographic Location

The primary service area for the TBDC is along the I-20 corridor in north Louisiana.  This region includes 20 parishes: Caddo, Bossier, De Soto, Red River, Webster, Claiborne, Bienville, Winn, Jackson, Lincoln, Union, Ouachita, Caldwell, Franklin, Richland, Morehouse, West Carroll, East Carroll, Madison, and Tensas.  Under certain circumstances, this region is expanded to include companies or prospective companies in any other Louisiana parish.  It may also be expanded for the purpose of serving prospective companies interested in relocating to north Louisiana.

Business Type

The services of the TBDC are developed for and provided to primarily technology businesses.  A technology business is an enterprise that derives the majority of its gross receipts from the design, development, or creation (for lease, sale or license) of technology-based products, processes, or related services.  This definition includes businesses that (1) develop proprietary technology that contributes to a significant proportion of the revenues, (2) manufacture a technology related product, or (3) devote a high percentage of (financial) effort to Research & Development.  The definition of a technology business also extends to non-technology businesses to include: (1) companies that provide training and technological services to technology businesses, (2) companies that expand to include a technology product or service, (3) companies that incorporate a substantial technology component into their non-technology service or product.

If there is excess capacity available for workshops, seminars, etc., then TBDC services can be made available to regional businesses that are interested in the services provided, but do not meet the above criteria.



To request assistance or obtain more information about the TBDC, contact:
Kathy Wyatt
Director, TBDC
Phone: 318-257-3537